Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Baby Massage

    Descriptions of treatments offered 

Swedish Body Massage

This is a firm yet soothing type of massage delivered using long, flowing strokes, kneading, small & focussed circular  motions and invigorating tapping techniques.

Swedish body massage may ease away muscular tensions as techniques used can gently pull and stretch the muscle fibres. With less tension in our bodies, regular massage could promote better quality sleep and leave you feeling much more energised.

Other benefits include: Both the blood and lymphatic systems are stimulated, skin tone may be improved and stress hormones (cortisol) may be lowered and feel good hormones (endorphins) may be raised; promoting relaxed & positive feelings of general well being.

Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy massage continues to use most of the Swedish massage techniques, the main difference is the position of the client whilst receiving the treatment. The back may be treated with mum to be seated and leaning forward against the massage bed, and when lying on the massage table, the angle of the bed and pillows are used to maintain comfort and avoid dizziness.

Massage during pregnancy could assist in the reduction of common pregnancy related discomforts, such as back ache and raised blood pressure. Furthermore, the soothing experience of massage and loosening of muscular tensions, may encourage more comfortable precious sleep.

As general feelings of well-being and relaxation are produced with massage, it is a peaceful  and highly useful addition to prenatal care, helping prepare the body for childbirth.

Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage I offer uses traditional Swedish massage movements, and techniques used in Sports Massage. More severe and debilitating muscular tensions may be released using slower more forceful techniques. Knuckles, fists, heel of hand and forearm may be used to allow for further pressure.

In addition to relieving tightness within the muscles, this type of massage could lead to improved performance in sports and other physical activities, increased flexibility and a lower risk of developing soft tissue injuries. This type of massage is therefore ideal for those who regularly engage in hard physical activity, whether it's through sport or the type of work you do. Those who have also developed muscular imbalances, whilst recovering from injury or through unideal posture, may also greatly benefit.

It is worth noting this kind of treatment may cause a little discomfort at times or a 'nice' pain may be felt as knots are worked out. Stretches may be recommended afterwards.

Baby Massage

During Baby Massage classes  parents and carers can be taught gentle massage techniques to soothe their little ones. Songs and rhymes can be incorporated too, making these sessions a fun and enjoyable experience for both mother and baby. At the end of every lesson there is always a chance for mums to talk and share their experiences of how their baby is growing and developing, making these lessons a great opportunity to give and receive advice and encouragement.

Baby massage has many other great benefits. Discomfort from teething, colic and constipation could be relieved, tensions in the forehead and around the eyes may be eased and fussiness could be decreased.

To discover more about the benefits of baby massage and view class information, please click the link below. 
Baby Massage
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